How do I Create a Class in CLI Engage?

This will need to be done by a campus level administrator or district level administrator (School Specialist, Counselor, Principal, IT Department)

If your district uses automated rostering, please contact your district administrator for further guidance


You must be logged into CLI Engage
In the Administrative Tools section of CLI Engage, you must see Class & Student Management. If you do not see this option, then submit a help ticket
You must have an administrative level account assigned to the school or district


These instructions assume that you have already accessed the CLI Engage dashboard

  1. From the CLI Engage dashboard, go to the green banner labeled Administrative Tools

  2. Select Class & Student Management

  3. Click on Class Management

  4. Select the green Add Class button

  5. In the Community Field: field, enter the name of the District or WDB

  6. In the School: field, enter the name of the school

  7. In the Class name field enter a Class name (Preferably the teachers last name and grade level i.e. Smith’s PK or Smith’s KG)

  8. Select the grade level in the Class Level field.

  9. Click the Submit button

  10. To ensure that the teacher is assigned to the class, please see How do I Assign a Teacher to a Class?

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