How to add and update parent email addresses

School staff can add and update email addresses for parents and guardians in CLI Engage to share home activities via email.





You must be logged into CLI Engage
In the Administrative Tools section of CLI Engage, you must see Class & Student Management. If you do not see this option, then open a help ticket
You must be assigned to the school and district


These instructions assume that you have already accessed the CLI Engage dashboard.

  1. From the CLI Engage dashboard, go to the blue banner labeled Administrative Tools.

  2. Click on Class and Student Management.

  3. From the table on the left, locate and click on the Parent Management tab.

  4. On the next screen, click Add Parents.

  5. You should see your class of students. If you have more than one class of children, you can view children in your class(es) by switching the class and then clicking Search.

  6. To add or update the email address for the parents and guardians of the children in your class(es), just enter the information in the fields. Please note that parent first name, parent last name, and parent email address are required.

  7. You can easily add information for multiple parents and guardians for each child in your class(es). First, click the green plus button at the end of a child’s row. A new row will appear attached to the child’s name. Enter the information for additional parents/guardians as needed.

  8. If you added an additional line in error, click the blue minus button to remove the row.

  9. After you have entered the names and email addresses for the parents in your class(es), scroll to the bottom of the screen. You should see two options (Submit and Submit & Invite). (Note: these buttons will not appear until you enter information in the fields.) Choosing either option will allow teachers to send skill development activities via email to parents and guardians.

  10. To save the parent/guardian information in CLI Engage, click the button to Submit.

    To save the parent/guardian information on CLI Engage and send parents an email to create accounts in the system, click the button Submit & Invite.

  11. After these parent/guardian email addresses are saved in CLI Engage, teachers can send home activities to parents and guardians via email through the small grouping tool in the CIRCLE Progress Monitoring System and Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment, and additional assessments.

If you need further assistance, please submit a Help Ticket.