Why does the CIRCLE Progress Monitoring (CPM) phonological awareness Overall Measure Total Score not match each individual sub-measure?

The CPM sub-measures are not fully validated, meaning that more analysis needs to be conducted to assess the validity of the specific measure. Therefore, the data from sub-measures should only be used for instructional purposes. We set CPM Benchmarks for teachers to guide instruction in specific areas that students may need additional support. On reports, the sub-measures are shown in a lighter color to denote that it is “not validated” and used for instructional purposes only. It is important to pay attention to low scores on any of the sub-measures as the teacher can use this information to plan interventions. They can guide the teacher on what activities can be used to support specific phonological awareness needs, but these individual cut points cannot be used as predictors of school readiness in isolation.

The Overall Measure Total Scores are validated and indicate if a student’s overall phonological awareness skills are developing and “On Track”.  These students are showing a sufficient understanding and will likely develop phonological awareness skills needed for kindergarten with the current level, pace, and intensity of instruction. The students that score “Needs Support” will need additional interventions to develop phonological skills needed for kindergarten.

On reports, you will typically find that the Overall Measure is a lot lower than each of the phonological awareness sub-measure benchmarks put together.

This also applies to Math, Optional Math, and Optional Phonological Awareness.