Your Account has been Created, What Now?

This article will discuss the steps you should take after your account has been created and how to register with a Non-Gmail Email Address.

  1. Log into your email and open the CLI Engage Email Invitation you received

  2. Choose the link sent to complete registration: ‘Click Here’

  1. On the next page, input your Preferred Email Address that you would like to use to access CLI Engage

    1. Keep in mind, your email address can be any preferred email

    2. If you receive an error, like below, skip to Step 5

  1. Once complete, you will be taken to your CLI Engage DashboardNavigate the Site

  2. To proceed, you must create a Google Account, click ‘Create Account

  1. On the next screen, complete all required information and choose Next until complete

    1. On the email portion, choose ‘Use your existing email

  1. Next, input your Preferred Email Address and choose Next


  1. On the next screen, input the code sent to your email to verify your account and choose Next

  1. On the next screen, create a password and choose Next

    1. You may want to use the same password used to access this preferred email

  1. Continue to choose Next until complete and you will be redirected to your CLI Engage Dashboard


You have successfully registered your account!