How to Navigate an eCIRCLE Course?


This guide provides detailed step by step instructions on how to access the ECIRCLE series of self-instructional professional development courses designed for PK/K teachers. the guide also provides an understanding of how to navigate once inside the course from start to finish!


  • Must be Enrolled in Course


navigate enrolled.mp4


  1. After logging in to CLI Engage, locate the purple banner Online Learning and Professional Development .

    1. Click on ‘My Enrolled Courses’

  2. Click 'Launch’ next to the course that you wish to start under “Enrolled.” 

    1. Please note that you must have already enrolled in the course. See the “How to Enroll in an eCIRCLE Course” guide to learn more about this step.

  3. The course will open with the course module, which consists of a Demographics Questionnaire, Course Activity, and a Satisfaction Questionnaire.

  4. To launch the Demographics Questionnaire, simply click on the name.

    1. Note that the course is not available until after the questionnaire is marked complete

      1. The following will appear - Done: Student must submit this questionnaire to complete it

  5. You will then be prompted to begin the questionnaire. It is not graded, but you must complete it entirely in order to continue. You only have one attempt. This simple questionnaire consists of 12 questions.

  6. Choose ‘Submit’ once complete

  7. Click “Back to the Course” button to return to the module. You are now ready to start the course!

    1. Note the check mark now to the right of the Questionnaire.

  8. Choose ‘Course Activity’

  9. You are now entered into the course. In the course overview, there is information on how the course is structured.

  10. The course is like an electronic book! The Table of Contents is displayed on the left side and clicking on a section title (or chapter) allows you to select a page, which then displays the related media in the right portion of your screen. Notice that a green check mark appears after you review each page. You must also watch the entire video in order to receive a check mark. Use the arrows in the top banner to advance (or turn) the page.

  11. Documentary videos are viewed by clicking on the triangular shaped arrow. They are streaming videos and will play immediately. It is not necessary to first download the video.

  12. There are video controls beneath your viewing screen. The triangle on the left allows you to start and stop the video. The speaker icon on the right allows you to adjust your volume. The horizontal bar allows you to monitor play progress. It turns gray as the video plays. The video length total minutes is viewed to the right. The opposite arrows on the far right can be clicked on to increase to full screen viewing. Click escape “ESC” on your keyboard to exit full screen mode.

  13. A transcript of the video is available. Click on the word “Transcript” for the full dialogue.

  14. Some videos have highlight sections that appear as the video plays. Details on each highlight can be read by scrolling the mouse over the “i” icon.

  15. Foundational information is provided through an online FAQ-style article to read that provides researched understanding of the content. Clicking on each highlighted question moves the reader to a new short paragraph with answers and explanation.

  16. Check-Yourself activities encourage online learners to self-reflect and self-check for their own understanding. These may be scenarios or short videos to watch followed by a multiple choice response. Self-checking answers are provided for each selection to help learners understand correct responses.

  17. Course assignments are located within the “Connect with the Classroom” tab. You will need to click on the link to access the PDF.

  18. After you have completed all course requirements and activities, a green check mark will appear next to each “chapter” on the table of contents. Click “Finish the Course” and “Final Page,” and a congratulations message will appear. You can now click “Submit,” and you will receive credit for course completion. This will  return you to the course module to complete the post-test!

  19. The pre-test and course are now both checked and you can now proceed to the post-test. Click on “Post-Test” to proceed.

  20. Click on the “Attempt Quiz Now” button to proceed. Note that you have a total of six attempts to successfully pass the post-test. A passing score is 8 of 10 questions correct (80%). If you do not pass the second attempt in one sitting, you won’t be able to access the post-test again for three days. At that time you will then have two additional attempts until the next three day restriction from the post-test. After the sixth failed attempt, you will not be allowed to attempt the post-test again.

  21. A pop up confirmation appears. Click “Start attempt” to proceed.

  22. After you have completed all 10 questions, you can review your responses before final submission (same procedure as for pre-test).

  23. Once you have completed a thorough review and are certain of your answers, you can click “Submit all and finish. ” You will then be able to see all questions, and those that you marked correct or incorrect.

  24. Click “Finish review” once you have successfully finished reviewing your answers.

  25. If you passed, you will see this screen.

  26. If needed, you will see an offer to retake the quiz. Click on “Re-attempt quiz.”

  27. When you return to the course module, you will see a check mark next to post-test if you have successfully passed.

  28. Please refer to the How To Guide on ‘How to Find My Certificates’ for further information.

If you need any assistance, please submit a help ticket.