How to grant access to my community or district's data and scores?

On CLI Engage, administrators can grant access to their data on the system at any time. For example, public school administrators can grant access to Education Service Center (ESC) staff to assist with uploading and exporting student data, as well as reviewing data to support instruction and professional development planning.

Only administrators (community/district users and specialists) can request that the CLI Engage support staff grant, or remove, this access. Any requests made by other users will be confirmed with the administrator on record with CLI Engage. Additionally, only CLI Engage staff can grant access to data at the community level (all school district data, etc).

If this access is needed due to a collaboration or partnership with another community, district, head start, or child care, please review the Collaboration Guide and submit a Collaboration Help ticket.


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You must have a Community/District User or Community/District Specialist account


These instructions assume that you have already accessed the CLI Engage dashboard.

  1. From the CLI Engage dashboard, click on the Help Center tab.

  2. Click Submit a Help Ticket.

  3. Click on Need to raise a request? Contact us.

  4. Click on the help ticket labeled I am a District User or click the following link: I am a District User.

  5. Complete the entire form and in the details section, add the first and last name and email address for the person that needs district level access.

If you need further assistance, please submit a help ticket.