How to Upload a Document to a Teacher’s Short Term Goal Report

Coaches can take action on teacher’s Short Term Goal Report (STGR) including uploading documents. This process is after a Classroom Observation Tool (COT) has been completed and a Short Term Goal Report has been entered. Additional support documents and / or videos can be uploaded here. These uploads can then be accessed by the teacher through the Collaborative Tools.


  • Classroom Observation Tool (COT) is completed

  • Short Term Goal Report entered

upload document.mp4


  1. When logged into CLI Engage on the dashboard, scroll down to the green Quality Improvement and Instruction banner and locate and click on the Classroom Observation Tool (COT).

  2. Enter any pertinent information such as name of school and teacher name or click ‘search in Existing COT.’ Click on the play arrow button to the far right to view the existing COT and STGRs already documented.

  3. Here you can view all STGR by date. The most recent report, listed at top of page in order of entry, also includes an option to edit or delete the plan. The upload item button will allow you to select documents from your desktop such as video and or documents to upload into the teacher’s file.

  4. Select Upload Item.

  5. Choose ‘Select File’ under Upload File

  6. Choose ‘Start Upload’ once file appears

    1. Once complete, it will state ‘Uploaded

    2. If wrong document is uploaded, once complete, choose the X next to the file

  7. Once file is uploaded, add File Name, any descriptions or information you want to pass on regarding the uploaded document.

  8. Choose ‘Submit

    1. After you click submit you ‘ll see the file that was uploaded to the teacher’s collaborative tool.

    2. Use the action buttons to view or download the document.

Submit a help ticket, if you need any further assistance.