How do I use the Bulk Add/Update Feature to Manually Add or Edit Multiple Teacher Accounts in an Existing School?

When setting up your community in CLI Engage, note that the first users who will need access to the system include principals, teachers, and students. The following information details the various tools that can be used to upload, enter, and manage users.

The Single Roster Upload can be found under the Data Management tab and should be used by communities (e.g., school districts) who have a centralized data management system and/or who have identified personnel who will manage the entire community’s data upload. The Single Roster Upload is appropriate for use only during the creation of your community.

The Class Roster Management feature allows you to manually enter multiple teachers and students through an online portal. This tool may be appropriate for principals and teachers who are entering or updating their own rosters. The Bulk Add/Update feature for students can be found under the Class Roster Management tab, and the feature for teachers can be found under the User Management tab (click on Teacher).

The Add/Manage features under the Data Management tab can be used to add and invite higher level leadership (such as community district users, community district specialists, school specialists, and principals). It can also be used to make edits to any existing users within your community.

This article covers the Bulk Add/Update Teachers feature under the User Management tab. For information on the other data management features, scroll to the bottom of the pages to view other related articles.





You must be logged into CLI Engage
In the Administrative Tools section of CLI Engage, you must see Class & Student Management. If you do not see this option, then submit a help ticket
You must have administrative access and be assigned to the school that you want to edit


To manually add or edit multiple teachers accounts in an existing school:

  1. Locate the Administrative Tools banner on your CLI Engage Dashboard.

  2. Click on the Class & Student Management tab.

  3. From the table on the left, click on the User Management tab.

  4. Click on the Teacher button.

  5. Click Bulk Add/Update Teachers.

  6. Enter the Community/District and School.

  7. Click Search.

  8. Click the green plus sign to add rows for new teachers.

  9. Click the blue minus sign to remove a row.

**Warning: This will remove all information entered into fields on that row.

  1. Type in the teacher’s information into each field in the row. The fields (columns) with a red asterisk are required for each teacher row.

  2. When you are done adding teachers, click Submit.


To add or edit multiple student accounts in an existing class, please review the following article:


If you need further assistance, please submit a help ticket.