How Do I Upload and Create Accounts for Principals or Center Directors in CLI Engage?

The following process should be used by communities (e.g., school districts) who have a centralized data management system and/or who have identified personnel who will manage the entire community’s data upload.

Community/district users and specialists can add and assign Principals and/or Directors to their respective campus. Additionally, TRS Assessors and Mentors can add Directors to TRS schools.

Existing users with a Principal or Director account cannot create accounts for users of the same level; but they can create accounts for School Specialists or Teachers; If a Director or Principal needs to create an account for a secondary user assigned to the same campus, they can do so by submitting a Help Ticket or calling in to Office Hours Live Support - the calendar and links are here:

This example is for creating the account manually:


This example is for using the template to create a large number of accounts:

You will need to know the community name as it appears in CLI Engage (see below)
You will need to know the school name as it appears in CLI Engage (see below)
You will need to know the director or principal’s first & last name and email address
You can manually create the accounts under User Management (select the Principal/Director option) for a small number of users; we suggest using the template and Data Management for a large number of users (see template information below)


Finding CLI Engage IDs:

The Data Management Tools on CLI Engage require the use of CLI Engage IDs to prevent the erroneous modification or duplication of records. The bulk upload Principal/Director template uses the Community/District CLI Engage ID and the School Engage ID. There are two ways to find these numbers: 1) consult the Community/District and School pages or 2) export your Community/District and School information.

  1. Click on the “Class and Student Management” button under the teal ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS banner

  2. Locate the Community Management and School Management tabs on the left. First, click on the Community Management button to locate your community ID in CLI Engage

  3. Search for your community or ISD

  4. Next to your community/district name, click the green “Open” button

  5. On this page, CLI Engage ID numbers are found in the upper right corner. Community/District CLI Engage ID numbers start with the letters “EDS”, i.e. EDS1400238 School CLI Engage ID numbers start with the letters “EDD”, i.e. EDD1400002

  6. Complete the same steps under the School Management button to locate your the CLI Engage ID for your school(s) in CLI Engage

Exporting Community/District and School Information

  1. Click on the “Class and Student Management” button under the teal ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS banner

  2. Click the “Export” button on the left

  3. Search for your community/district

  4. Select the following options, then scroll down and click Submit - Community Engage ID, Community Name; School Engage ID, School Name

  5. You will see an option for Yes or No to save your choices as a template

  6. Look for an email from CLI Engage, and click the button to “Download”

  7. You will be taken to a secure page on CLI Engage to download your export file. Click the file to open

Creating Your Data File

he Data Management Principal/Director Tool on CLI Engage uses a File Template to create Principals for one or more schools at the same time from the same Community or District.

The template is an Excel file that has to have some specific column headings and must stay in the exact order.

As some data fields require information to be entered in a very specific format, Engage IDs, phone numbers, etc., this process is designed for users with advanced computer and Excel skills.

Important Considerations

You will see that some columns and fields are optional; however, even if not used, these columns and fields must stay in the file in the exact same position otherwise CLI Engage will not process the file.

  1. DO NOT DELETE any optional column that is not used.

  2. DO NOT CHANGE the order of any columns.

The names of all Texas schools were uploaded to our database from different sources, such as TEA and DFPS. You can consult the way your schools are named in CLI Engage and the Engage ID assigned by the system. The school name and Engage ID number must match with our database to prevent the duplication of records. For example, CLI Engage will not recognize that Bush Elementary is the same as G. Bush EL.

In compliance with HIPAA and FERPA data protection, no rosters or student information should be sent via email.

Understanding the Template

Download the Principal/Director Template and review the Instructions tab for information about the columns headings and properties.

Principal/Director Upload

Before following the steps in this document, first create your file following the instructions (steps 3 and 4 of this guide). Name your upload file [CommunityName]_[YourInitials]_DDMMYY.

  1. Click on the “Class and Student Management” button under the teal ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS banner

  2. Click the Data Management tab

  3. On the next screen, click the “Principal/Director” button

  4. On the next screen, choose your completed principal template to upload information into CLI Engage. For “Send Invitation,” check the “Send” option to automatically send registration/login email invitations to new users

  5. Click “Submit”

  6. Click on the Play button to process the template

  7. Click “Yes” when this message appears: “Are you sure you want to process the data?”

  8. Your data will be uploaded to CLI Engage once the Status changes from Processing to Processed in the list. Check the User Management tab, Principal/Director button in the Administrative section of CLI Engage to ensure your data has uploaded correctly.