CIRCLE Progress Monitoring - Pilot Items

The information provided to CSAs via email on March 27 is specific to the new PA pilot measure that went up in April. The math and technology pilot items (available since BOY) are also still available. The video linked there briefly talks about all 3 pilots.


EOY Assessment Resources:

New: Phonological Awareness Pilot Items


The CIRCLE Progress Monitoring (CPM) phonological awareness pilot items were developed to ensure CPM is aligned with the 2022 Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines and the latest research on how children learn. Engaging with the pilot items on CLI Engage provides valuable practice for students and contributes collected data for analysis. Your participation is crucial as it helps gather insights that enhance the English Phonological Awareness items. We appreciate your usage of these new items that cover a comprehensive range of skills essential for early literacy development. Items include:



·    Rhyming

·    Identifying initial and final sounds

·    Blending

·    Letters and sounds


Watch our video to learn even more!