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  1. From the CLI Engage dashboard, go to the red banner labeled Screening, Progress Monitoring, and Observation

  2. Click on the assessment for which you would like to produce reports.

  3. In the Community/District: field, enter the name of of the CLI Engage Community

  4. Click the Search button

  5. Click on the drop down Reports, and select Community Completion report.

  6. Select a language, grade level, and measures.

  7. Select Export

  8. A link to the report will be sent to your email.

  9. Click on the download link in the email.

  10. Download the report, save and view the PDF.

  11. As an alternative to using email, you can easily access the link to download your report results from the dashboard by using My Reports.

  12. My Reports will conveniently store your report links for up to 15 days.



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