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This guide is intended to assist teachers’ enrollment into a facilitated online professional development course on CLI Engage. Facilitators will send an invitation to enroll in the course to a teacher’s email to join (“enroll in”) the facilitated course.



  •  You will need to have an Engage account.
  •  You will need to have received an email invitation from the facilitator to enroll in the course.

\uD83D\uDCD8 Instructions

  1. Login to CLI Engage.

  2. If you will be enrolled in a facilitated course, you will first receive an email invitation from the facilitator to enroll in the course. The email subject line will say “invitation to enroll in….” followed by the name of the course.

    In your personal email (most likely the email address that you use for work or school), locate the received email and click on the Click to Enroll link. Notice that the link will expire.

  3. You will be directed to a screen with an option to enroll. Click Enroll Me. 

  4. You will then see the course in which you have been enrolled and can start learning with your facilitator.

  5. Here are the steps to navigate a facilitated course.


If you need further assistance, please submit a help ticket.