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  1. Log in to CLI Engage.  On the dashboard view, locate the blue banner Activities and Materials. Click the button for My Activities.

  2. In My Activities, you can view activities that you have saved from the CIRCLE Activity Collection. From My Activities, you can:

    • View all activities that you have saved (favorited) across all CIRCLE Activity Collections and in both languages.

    • Make comments on your saved activities, and edit previous comments. Comments added in My Activities or in the CIRCLE Activity Collections are saved in both places.

    • Print a list of your saved activities.

    Activities will be listed by learning domain in each collection.

  3. If you don’t see any activities listed, visit the CIRCLE Activity Collections to add activities to your personal collection here, in My Activities. Look for the Add to My Activities button in the top-right of every activity. Clicking this button will add an activity to your personal collection: 

    Click here to access each of the CIRCLE Activity Collections:


    For more information, view the how-to guide with information on how to add activities to My Activities.

  4. In My Activities, your saved activities are listed by collection. Notice that activities from the English and Spanish CIRCLE Activity Collections for PreK/K, Infant & Toddler, and Family will be listed by separately. Select a tab to view your saved activities from this collection. For this guide, we will use the PreK/K collection as an example, but the same features are available for the Infant & Toddler and Family collections.

  5. After you add activities to your personal collection, they will be displayed by learning domain.

    • Click the domain titles on the left-side of the page to view your saved activities in each domain. To view all your saved activities from this collection, click ALL DOMAINS.

    • Click PRINT LIST OF ACTIVITIES to print a PDF list of your saved activities and comments on each activity.

    • Sort your activities by title or domain, and in ascending or descending alphabetical order.

    • To remove a saved activity from your personal collection, click REMOVE ACTIVITY.

    • To add or edit your saved notes on an activity, click ADD/EDIT MY NOTES.

    • Your personal notes added to a specific activity can be viewed and edited from My Activities, or in the CIRCLE Activity Collection. To add notes in My Activities, click ADD/EDIT MY NOTES. The notes section will become editable. Type your notes/comments here, then be sure to click SAVE MY NOTES.

  6. A window will appear, letting you know that your comments/notes have been saved.

  7. Continue visiting the CIRCLE Activity Collections and My Activities throughout the year.