How do I Add/Drop a Student using Class Roster Management?

The following steps explain how to add (activate) or drop (inactivate) a small amount of students from a teacher’s class roster. It is best to use a Student template (BUP) or Single Roster Upload template if you need to add or update a large amount of students or create multiple class rosters in bulk.






You must be logged into CLI Engage
In the Administrative Tools section of CLI Engage, you must see Class & Student Management. If you do not see this option, then submit a help ticket
You must have an account assigned to the school that has the class you want to edit
The class roster you wish to edit must exist in CLI Engage
For a teacher, your account must be assigned to the class


  1. From the CLI Engage dashboard, locate the Administrative Tools banner (turquoise banner).

  2. Click on Class & Student Management.

  3. On the left side, click on Class Roster Management.

  4. Enter Community, School, and select the Class from the drop-down then, click Search.

  5. Your class will appear. Click on the + icon to add the new student’s information.

  6. Enter the following (Items listed in the column headings with an asterisk are required):

a. Student First, Middle, & Last Name (middle name is not required)

b. Date of Birth

c. Gender

d. Student Internal ID (optional field)

e. State Unique ID (this is the TSDS ID assigned by TEA for ECDS submission; it is optional and can be added at later date)

f. Grade Level (select from drop-down)

g. Assessment Language (select English, Spanish, or En and Sp from drop-down)

h. Enrollment Date (optional field)

i. Withdrawal Date (optional field)

j. Status (should remain Active to keep the student visible on the assessment roster)

k. Preferred Report Language (optional)

  1. Once the data has been entered, scroll down to click Submit in order to save the changes.

To inactivate a student from your class roster:

  1. If a student on your roster has dropped, from the CLI Engage dashboard, go to the turquoise banner labeled Administrative Tools.

  2. Click on Class & Student Management.

  3. On the left side, click Class Roster Management.

3. Enter Community, School, and select the Class from drop-down; then click Search.

4. Locate the dropped student in the Student list.

5. On the student’s row, change the Status box from Active to Inactive.

6. Click Submit to save changes.

Inactive students remain in the system as inactive but do not appear in assessments.