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How to create an article:

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Acceptance Criteria for writing Articles

  • Articles should follow the following format:

    • Intro > video (if one is made) > steps

    • Reading time on articles should be less than 1 minute

    • Use list of approved product names and abbreviations for articles found in CLI Acronyms and Abbreviations

    • Articles should conform to CLI style guide for writing

    • Any documents referenced need to be in the CLI repository (PDFs are preferred).

      • Max controls access/permissions for this folder: \\uthsch-nas\ms_cli\CLIEngage\Pro\clirep

    • Callout boxes (Info and Note only) may be used to highlight prerequisites, notes, or external resources. When used, include a heading inside callout boxes.

      • Please use blue Info feature for notes and external resources.

      • Use the purple Note feature for prerequisites.

    • Confirm/update the list of Related Articles

  • Article Titles

    • Write them using sentence type punctuation where only the first word and any proper words are capitalized.

    • Use acronyms in the titles

      • The acronym will be spelled out in the first paragraph following the title.

  • Logos

    • Remove any logos you may have added to your articles

  • Videos

    • When using a callout box, use white text #fffff and purple #6a57a2 for the background

    • Videos should be less than 1 minute and created with Snag It

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