How to update a Missing or Invalid email on a single roster upload


I received an error of Missing or Invalid email

Please follow the steps on the Instructions tab of the SRU template. You can locate the instructions on the second tab of the template file.


Review Column L

  1. This is a required field

  2. Every Teacher should use an individual email address. It is strongly recommended that teachers use their work email address (i.e. or etc.)

  3. Once that is updated you can process a new SRU.

  1. NOTE! Due to privacy issues and UT Health policy regarding the use of IT resources, no user should use a generic email address (i.e.  



CLI Engage will send a personal invitation to the user’s email address linked to a specific profile and class. The user will click the link in the email invitation to log into CLI Engage with a Google Account. Users can use an existing Google Account or create a new one. Users do not have to obtain a new Gmail account; instead, they can create a Google Account with their existing email address.