How Do I Access the CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum?

Incorporating time-tested lessons from the CIRCLE Activity Collection, the curriculum provides all the resources to support weekly planning and delivery of Pre-K instruction.



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Follow the steps in this guide to access the CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum’s components.

  1. From your Dashboard view, locate the blue “Activities and Materials” section on the dashboard. Click the button for the “CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum.”

  2. You will be taken straight to the curriculum’s homepage. Scroll down on the page to access the curriculum’s components:

    • Explore Scope and Sequence

    • Explore Theme Guide

  3. You can also access the curriculum’s components from the website’s top navigation. Hover on the “Pre-K Curriculum” tab to see direct links to the components.

    You can also switch to the Spanish version of the curriculum by using the “Versión en español” button.