Student BUP (Bulk Update Process) - Updated Template starting September 29, 2023

CSAs, If a user reports one of the following:

  • Error received when uploading the file

  • Wrong format error

  • Cannot upload the template

The reply to the user is:

This tool was just upgraded with two changes and a new template is required.

The template has a new column name Student_Race (Column N)

The Student_Ethnicity values have changed (Column O)

Download the new template and consult the approved values on the instructions tab.

Another change on the Student BUP template is a column name:

 Student_TSDS_ID is now Student_State_Unique_ID (Column P)

The updated Student BUP template is located under Data Management

Just an FYI for CSAs…This is the email that users received on Friday 9/29/23 at 8:00am:


Date: Friday, September 29, 2023


To: CLI Engage Data Managers




We noticed that you have used the Student Bulk Add/Update Process (BUP) in CLI Engage and we want to inform you about an update to this tool.


CLI Engage will now conform to the most recent recommendations from the U.S. Census Bureau to collect ethnicity and race descriptors from individuals, and we are reflecting this change on the Student BUP template.


Before the change, CLI Engage collected only one descriptor named “ethnicity” that included both race and ethnicity values.


After the change, the template will have two distinctive fields:

  1. Student_Race

  1. Student_Ethnicity


The Student_Race field can accept, if needed, multiple values separated with a comma. Please note that their equivalent values were captured under the ethnicity field before. The accepted values will be:

·    American Indian or Alaska Native

·    Asian

·    Black or African American

·    Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

·    White

·    Some Other Race


The Student_Ethnicity field can accept only one of the following two values:

·    Hispanic

·    Not-Hispanic



Both new fields are optional when inserting or updating students, but the headings are necessary in the file even though they may not include that data.


These changes will improve the reporting filters you have in CLI Engage and will more closely mirror the data collected by your District or agency.




If you have any questions or need assistance, please submit a help ticket for additional support with student data uploads.