How Do I Upload and Create Accounts for Principals in CLI Engage?

This article will explain how to upload and create principal accounts in CLI Engage.



Prerequisites :

School must be active in CLI Engage
Must have user’s required information (name, school, and email address)
Ensure user doesn’t already have an account - using the email analyzer under user management


The following steps will go over how to create one principal account at at time:

  1. Look up the school/ISD on the website.

  2. Confirm that the individual is listed.

  3. If the individual is not listed, then we need to reach out to a CDU/CDS for the district.

  4. Choose ‘Class and Student Management’ from your dashboard under ‘Administrative Tools

  5. Choose ‘User Management

  6. Choose ‘Principal

  7. Choose ‘Add Principal’

  8. Input all required fields:

    1. Community Name

    2. School Name

    3. Principal's Name

    4. Principal's Email Address

    5. Comments ‘Created xx/xx/xx’ - Optional

  9. Choose ‘Submit & Invite


If you need further assistance, please submit a help ticket.