How do I Print Parent PIN Pages?

CLI Engage provides opportunities for schools to share child progress monitoring reports with parents electronically through the CLI Engage website. Teachers can select which results to share with parents, and provide a PIN page that details how to access these reports.

Parents can use this PIN to link their parent account to their student's (child’s) account, which allows parents to view their progress monitoring reports online.


Before parents can access the progress monitoring results on CLI Engage, teachers MUST complete all steps in this guide


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  1. Locate the red banner Screening, Progress Monitoring and Observation on the dashboard and click on the assessment for which you would like to produce reports, for example CIRCLE Progress Monitoring PreK or Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment

  2. On the class view page, click the ‘view’ button next to the child’s name

  3. After clicking on the report icon, teachers can print reports for parents which include their personal identification number (PIN). The PIN allows parents to view progress monitoring reports online

  4. For the parent report, Select Parent Report option

  5. You can choose to print parent reports for one child, or for all the children in your classroom

  6. Check/Un-check student names as needed

  7. Then, select the measures that you would like to appear on the parent report. We recommend that you only select the measures that you administered to appear in this report, to avoid confusion for parents

  8. You can click on “Select All Measures” if all were administered or select each individual measure that was administered

  9. Once you have selected the measures, you will select the “Share Results with Parents Online: Download Parent PIN Pages” button; This will allow the student information to be accessible for parents online;

    Then, select the “Print Parent PIN Page” button. A PIN page will download for the individual student, or for the whole class, based on your selection

  10.  The parent PIN pages will download as a PDF, so you can easily print and share with parents/guardians. Parents can view and save their children’s assessment results directly through the CLI Engage website if they have this information, which is uniquely tied to each child. Parent’s PIN is found on the report for each student