How do I access and complete the SRU template to upload my class rosters?

This article is to show you how to access the Single Roster Upload Template (SRU) used to create teacher, student, and create classes all at the same time in CLI Engage.


You must be logged into CLI Engage
In the Administrative Tools section of CLI Engage, you must see Class & Student Management. If you do not see this option, then submit a help ticket
You must have an administrative level account assigned to the school or district
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  1. Log on to CLI Engage Public – CLI Engage Public and locate the turquoise banner titled Administrative Tools.

  2. Click on Class & Student Management.

  3. Click on Data Management.

  4. Click on Single Roster.

  5. Click the Single Roster template link to download the template or you can click the Single Roster template link in Step 6 to download the template.

  6. Check to make sure you are using the correct Single Roster template from CLI Engage. Here is the link to the Single Roster template:

  7. Make sure all required fields are complete and in the correct format. The Instructions tab is on the second tab of the template.

  8. Once the Single Roster template is corrected, complete, and saved, to upload the template, go back to Data Management (follow steps 1-2 above) and click on Single Roster.

  9. In the Community/District field begin typing in your community or district and select it from the drop down.

  10. Click Choose File and select your Single Roster template that you are uploading.

  11. By default, the invitations will be sent to the teachers on the template and their classes will be created. The teachers will need the invitations sent to be able to register their account and gain access to CLI Engage. If you do not want the invitations sent to the teachers at this time, click No, will do it manually.

  12. Click Submit.

  13. Click the Play/Process button.

  14. Once the template has been processed and the Status column says Finished, check under the Action column for any errors by clicking the blue speech bubble/the log.