How to Login to CLI Engage?

Follow these steps to login to CLI Engage.

How to Login.mp4


  • Created CLI Engage Account

  • Google Chrome (Recommended Browser)


  1. Go to

  2. Click on ‘LOGIN’ in the top-right corner.

  3. Click ‘Log in with Google'

    1. If your district uses Clever or Classlink Access Type, they will inform you

      1. The steps for these login types are the same, you will just choose the correct button on the Login page, ‘Log in with Clever’ or ‘Login with Classlink’

    2. You will only use ONE of the options each and every time you login to CLI Engage.

  4. On the next screen, enter your Google Account Email Address and click “Next.”

    1. Be sure to enter the same Google account information each time you login to CLI Engage.

    2. If you need to create a Google Login with a Non-Google Email Address, please see the link provided: and begin on Step 5.

  5. Enter Password and click ‘Next’

  6. Choose Continue on the next page and you will be taken to your Dashboard.

Highlight important information in a panel like this one. To edit this panel's color or style, select one of the options in the menu.