How Do I Create My Activities in the CIRCLE Activity Collection?

The My Activities feature in the CIRCLE Activity Collection allows the user to select favorite lessons  and save by collection, language and domain. Selected My Activities can be added to a customized group in the grouping tool results of your CPM or KEA assessments.


You must be logged into CLI Engage


  1. Log in to CLI Engage.  On the dashboard view, locate the blue banner Activities and Materials

  2. Click on CIRCLE Activity Collection: Pre-K to Grade 2

  3. Select the grade you require to view the relevant activities

  4. Sort activities by Learning Areas, Activity Settings and Special Features. To select an activity click the title.

  5. The setting, materials, objectives and scripting is available to assist with lesson planning.
    The activities will show alignment with the Pre K Guidelines , the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework and the Kindergarten Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

  6. The script guides the teacher through the direct instruction for the activity. The activities are designed as gradual release: the objectives are stated in child friendly terms followed by a demonstration of the activity (I do/you watch). Then with guided practice the teacher scaffolds the children‘s attempts to try the activity and finally leads to independent practice. Extension activities provide ideas to incorporate the activity into centers or other practice opportunities with variations on the activity. All of the activities are print ready. This is an example of a moderately  scripted activity. The bolded sentences guide the teacher on how to teach the lesson in each step.

  7. The My Activities function allows teachers to select activities for custom groupings in the assessment results. When a custom grouping is created, teachers can select My Activities  and determine specific activities for the custom grouping.

    Click on Add to My Activities

  8. Click on add notes if desired. Type in note and save.

  9. Select  My Activities on the main navigation bar and view your saved activities. You can print the activity. It will show learning domain: subdomain, objective and notes. You can add to your notes and remove the activity here if desired. Visit the CIRCLE Activity Collection to add activities to your personal collection here, in My Activities. Your saved activities are listed in My Activities by learning domain.

  10. To add an activity to your custom group in the assessment results go to the desired assessment under the red banner screening, progress monitoring and observation on the dashboard to view your class summary.

    1. Once on your class summary select View Groups

  11. On the left side you’ll see small groups with recommended activities linked to the CAC. On the right side is custom groups. Select add group.

  12. Create a name for the group and save.

  13. Select students to add to group by dragging from small groups already identified or use the plus arrow to select from your class roster.

    1. Click on select activities

  14. You’ll then see all activities you saved in My Activities. Select the activity from My Activities you want to add to this custom group and save.

  15. You’ll then see a direct link to the activity you selected.



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