How Teachers Can Upload a Video Using Collaborative Tools?

This guide is written for teachers utilizing the CLI Engage Collaborative Tools to upload and share videos with coaches and specialists.


Collbrative Tool.mp4



You will need an Engage account.


  1. On your dashboard, find the Quality Improvement and Innovation Bar.

  2. Select Collaborative Tools.

  3. Select Teachers and then the General Tab.

  4. You are now at the uploading page. Here you will select the blue “Upload File” icon.

  5. There are 2 main steps:

    1. Step 1 will be to input your file name.

    2. Step 2 will be to click on the “Select File” to locate the file you will submit to your coach.

  6. Once you have selected the item you would like to upload, click the green “Start Upload” tab.

    1. Note: The screen will show a blue bar loading when the file is uploading 

    2. Once the blue bar has fully loaded, you will see the “Start Upload” bar turn green again.

    3. Click the “Start Upload” button one more time and you will then see that the Submit button at the bottom is now blue and ready to finalize your submission.

  7. Click the Submit button.


If you need further assistance, please submit a help ticket.