How Do I Generate a Student Report for Teacher? (Formerly Named Student Summary Report)

This student-level summary report for teachers provides a comprehensive look at a child’s progress monitoring from one wave of assessment, such as BOY (known as wave 1 on CLI Engage), or progress over time.




You must be logged in to CLI Engage



  1. Log in to

  2. Locate the red banner Screening, Progress Monitoring and Observation on the dashboard and click on the assessment for which you would like to produce reports, for example CIRCLE Progress Monitoring Pre-K, Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment, TPRI, and Tejas LEE.

  3. Click on School Name.

  4. Click on Class Name.

  5. Click on the purple Reports button at the top left of the screen. Select the Student Report for Teacher option listed in the drop down menu.

  6. After selecting Student Report for Teacher, then select Wave 1, Wave 2, or Wave 3, or all Waves to be included on the report.  Finally, click Next.

  7. Click Select All to create an individual student summary report for each student in the class or check the box for a particular student or group of students.  Then, click Next.

  8. If only one student is selected, the report will automatically generate and download. By selecting multiple students or the entire class, the report will be provided via email.

  9. Select the Measures you want to see in the report. 

  10. Scroll to the bottom of report selections and click on Scores viewed in Black & White or Color. 

  11. A window will pop up stating that your updates have been saved and you will receive an email containing a link to the report later

  12. Open the email from CLI Engage and click Download to open the link to download the report.

  13. As an alternative to using email, you can easily access the link to download your report results from the dashboard by using My Reports.

  14. The report can be viewed and printed. 

  15. The score colors will be one of the following for each measure: On Track, Monitor, Needs Support, and Out of Age Range (no benchmarks apply)


If you need further assistance, please submit a help ticket