How Do I Access the Tejas LEE Training?

This training course is intended to train first and second grade teachers on how to administer the inventory section of the Tejas LEE reading instrument. This includes generating reports, using the small group features and accessing recommended interventions for planning targeted instruction.

Please note that we are not able to award certificates for viewing any videos. If you would like to earn a certificate for viewing, follow the steps below to enroll in the Tejas LEE Assessment Training course, now available in the Full Course Catalog under the Online Learning and Professional Development section of the CLI Engage dashboard.



You must be logged in to CLI Engage



  1. From the CLI Engage dashboard, click on Full Course Catalog. Locate the Tejas LEE online course in the full course catalog.

  2. Locate the TPRI and Tejas LEE Assessment Training button and click on “View Courses.”

  3. Locate “Tejas LEE Assessment Training Webinar” and click “Enroll.”

  4. Confirm enrollment and click on “Save Changes.”

  5. You’ll now see the course and first complete the quick demographic questionnaire.

  6. Completing the demographic questionnaire will allow you to advance to the webinar video.

  7. After the demographic questionnaire, you will now be able to click on “TEJAS LEE Assessment Training Webinar.”

  8. Click on the “TEJAS LEE Assessment Training Webinar” and it will take you to a new page. On the new page, watch the video completely to earn your certificate.

  9. When you are done with the course, you can now access your certificate from the My Learning drop down.

  10. Click on the blue certificates icon. Requested certificates are sent via email and may take up to 15 minutes to receive to the primary email listed in your profile.


If you need further assistance, please submit a help ticket