How do I Verify Student TSDS IDs in CLI Engage?

CLI Engage’s XML File Download tool will include:

  • Students with assessment results on the selected measures and

  • Students with a valid, 10-digit TSDS ID

The following steps will help you verify that all of your Students have a valid TSDS ID and make any updates if necessary.

  1. Run a STUDENT RESULTS EXPORT report for CIRCLE Progress Monitoring PreK or Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment for at least one measure. This report will display Student demographic information including the Local ID and the TSDS ID.

  2. Use the STUDENT BULK UPLOAD PROCESS to update any missing or invalid TSDS ID. The Student BUP template requires District, School and Student information shown on the Student Results Export report.





You must be logged in to CLI Engage
You must generate a Student Results Export
You must fill in and process the Student Template


  1. Student Results Export

The guide for the Student Results Export is here:

The report is delivered to your email via a secure link as a zip file. Once it is downloaded, open the file named Report. Sort the file by Column AA, TSDS_Student_ID and look for real TSDS IDs. Student TSDS IDs must have 10 numerical digits. Values that needs to be updated in CLI Engage are those with the following characteristics:
a) 11 or more numbers
b) 9 or less numbers
c) Alphanumeric values
d) Blank values

You can use Column Z, Local Student ID, along with the Student Name Columns to verify that the existing Student TSDS IDs are accurate or not.

Delete the rows with accurate Student TSDS IDs; the purpose of this process is to fix incorrect or missing TSDS IDs.

Use Column Z, Local Student ID, along with the Student Name Columns to obtain the correct Student TSDS ID from your local database.

2. Student BUP

Once you have found the Student TSDS IDs to be updated in CLI Engage, copy the content of the following columns from the Report onto the Student Template.

The Student template is located under Data Management – the guide for the Student Bulk Upload Process for TSDS IDs mentioned above is here:

Do not copy the Column Names as there are some differences:
a) Columns C and D (District Name and Engage ID)
b) Columns F and G (School Name and Engage ID)
c) Columns T, U and V (Student Names)
d) Column Y (Student Engage ID)
e) Updated Column AA (Updated Student TSDS ID values)

  1. Save the file as “TSDS_Update” and process it in Engage to update any missing or invalid Student TSDS ID. Process the file under Data Management and select the Student option

If you need further assistance, please submit a help ticket