For the TX-KEA vocabulary measure, can teachers preview the assessment words and integrate them into their teaching to familiarize students with the vocabulary?


Focusing solely on teaching specific vocabulary words does not necessarily demonstrate significant language acquisition in a child, nor does it ensure that the benchmark is met. This approach could affect the outcomes and potentially lead to a misrepresentation of the data.

Instead, teachers should cultivate vocabulary development by engaging students in meaningful conversations and creating opportunities for language integration throughout the school day. This approach allows teachers to introduce students to new words without the need for explicit vocabulary instruction. By utilizing data from research, teachers can obtain an accurate and reliable measure of students' academic progress.

It is well-established that children learn vocabulary most effectively through a multisensory approach, engaging sight, sound, touch, and active practice with rich vocabulary in their everyday learning environments. Educators are advised to deliberately incorporate and plan for the use of an extensive, rich vocabulary to enhance language development.


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