How Do I Access the TX KEA Offline Assessment?

The offline assessment feature can be used to assess students when an internet connection is not available at the time of administration. The offline assessment can also be used in the CLI Engage assessment practice area.

  • Note: An internet connection is required for the initial setup.

This feature downloads the assessment for your class in only one language, English or Spanish. If you need to assess in both languages, you need to complete the process below in one language (downloading the assessment, assessing offline, uploading results) and then repeat in the other language.

This example is from the Assessment Practice Area:



You must be logged in to CLI Engage
An internet connection is required for the initial setup for Offline Assessment, administer assessments while offline, then secure an internet connection after assessments are administered in order to sync the data


  1. The CLI Engage Offline Assessment feature for the Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment can be accessed from the Assessment Practice Area (for practicing the offline feature) or directly from the class view in TX-KEA (when conducting the assessment with students)

  2. Login to CLI Engage and locate the “Assessment Practice Area” and “Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment” buttons under the red “Screening, Progress Monitoring, and Observation” banner. To practice TX-KEA offline, click the “Assessment Practice Area” button. To use the offline assessment feature to conduct assessments with students, click the “Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment” button

  3. From the student view, click on the orange Offline Assessment button

  4. Create a 6-10 character Personal Pin with at least one number and upper case letter and then click OK. Note: this Pin should NOT be your Engage login password

  5. Bookmark the Offline Assessment page in your browser

  6. When you are ready to conduct TX-KEA offline, click on your browser bookmark

  7. Type your personal Pin Code into the box and then click Unlock

  8. Turn off Wi-Fi or disconnect your computer/device from the internet. Some laptops have a switch and some have a Function key

  9. Assess students as needed while offline

  10. The following steps are to be completed when you are done testing offline and have an internet connection again:

    Before syncing, turn on Wi-Fi or connect to the internet

  11. The sync buttons will become active (not greyed out). Click the button to sync offline data for all students at once or the individual sync icon next to specific students to sync one at a time

  12. You will be prompted to Log In again to Engage. Click OK

  13. Once you have logged in, the data will automatically sync

  14. Click Online to get back to your class Assessment page to view synced data

  15. You can reset the PIN if needed

If you need further assistance, please submit a help ticket