How to Create a Principal Account

This article will explain how to upload and create principal accounts in CLI Engage.


Prerequisites :

  • School must be active in CLI Engage

  • Must have user’s required information (name, school, and email address)

  • Ensure user doesn’t already have an account - using the email analyzer under user management

If the user has an existing account, please submit a help ticket and request to have their existing account updated to a different account type, school, or district.

The following steps will go over how to create one principal account at at time:

  1. Choose ‘Class and Student Management’ from your dashboard under ‘Administrative Tools

  2. Choose ‘User Management

  3. Choose ‘Principal

  4. Choose ‘Add Principal’

  5. Input all required fields:

    1. Community Name

    2. School Name

    3. Principal's Name

    4. Principal's Email Address

    5. Comments ‘Created xx/xx/xx’ - Optional

  6. Choose ‘Submit & Invite