Should I use an 'I' or a 'U' on the SRU template for rostering?


I received an error or I am unsure whether the Action should be an I or U on the Single Roster Upload (SRU) or roster template.

Please follow the steps on the Instructions tab of the SRU template. You can locate the instructions on the second tab of the template file.


  1. Put a ‘I' for Insert in the Action column (first column) on the SRU template, if you are adding a new student that is not in CLI Engage.

    • If all of the required fields are correct, putting an 'I’ in the Action column will allow the system to create the Student, assigning the Student to the appropriate Class.

    • If the Class does not exist in CLI Engage, the system will create the class and will name it using the following naming convention: Teacher Last Name, Class Day Type, and Class Level.

    • If the Teacher does not Exist in CLI Engage, the system will create his or her teacher account and send the Registration Invitation by email, and will assign him or her to the Class or Classes created.

    • If the Teacher and Class already exist in CLI Engage, the student will be created in the system and added to the appropriate class based off of the data on the SRU template.

  2. Put a ‘U' for Update in the Action column (first column) on the SRU template, if you are updating existing student information or class assignments in CLI Engage.

    • If the Student already exists in CLI Engage and the Action is "U", the system will update all the Student information based on the Student Internal ID. If Students were created in CLI Engage without Student Internal IDs, do not proceed. In this case, first update the Student Internal ID and additional Student information using the Student Template found at: Student Template