How do I correct the Community and Community ID mismatch error on my SRU template?


I received a Community and Community ID mismatch. The Districts that you typed and selected do not match error on my Single Roster Upload (SRU) or roster template.


The District name on the roster template must match the name in the CLI Engage database.
The Community ID can be either the Engage ID or the District Number.

  • If you are a Public School District or Charter School, the term “Community” means “District”. Your Community ID (or District Number) has been assigned by your State Agency (i.e., TEA - TEA ID).

  • If you are a Head Start Agency, the term “Community” means “Head Start Agency”. Your community will have a Community ID number that may have been issued by your agency or assigned by CLI Engage.

  • Depending on your CLI Engage account type, you can find the Community Name and Community ID (District Number) used in CLI Engage by consulting the Community Management page under Administrative Tools.

  • You can contact CLI Engage and request the Community ID or District Number assigned to your community.

If you are new to CLI Engage and your district or community has not been added to CLI Engage or is inactive, please submit a help ticket (include the full name of the community/district, full physical address, and TEA ID and a support team member can add the community/district for you.

  1. Check CLI Engage to see if the Community ID matches what is used in CLI Engage, by following the next steps.

  2. Log on to CLI Engage Public – CLI Engage Public and locate the turquoise banner titled Administrative Tools.

  3. Click on Class & Student Management.

  4. Click on Community Management.

  5. Search for your Community or District.

  6. Click the Edit (pencil) button under the Action column.

  7. The Community Engage ID is the first series of letters/numbers on the right side of the Community Page. It starts with EDS.

  8. The District Number (TEA ID) can also be found on the right side of the Community Page, next to the field titled District Number.

  9. Either the District Number or Community Engage ID can be used for the Community ID in Column C on the Single Roster template but only one of these numbers will be used on the template. Copy and paste the number onto the Single Roster template.

  10. If you are using the District Number (TEA ID) for the Community ID on the template and the District Number begins with a zero, add an apostrophe in front of the District Number in the cell on the Single Roster template and press Enter. (Example: '01234567)

    This will add a tiny, green triangle inside the cell, which means the zeros are being recognized in the number.

  11. Check that the Community ID is the same exact number all the way down the column (Column C) for the Community/District listed on the template.

It is best to use the Community Engage ID for the Community ID.  Each Community/District has a unique CLI Engage ID.