Reasons for duplicate students

Sometimes Classes, Schools and Districts end up having duplicate students.

Engage prevents duplicate Students by comparing the combination of first name, last name and DOB within the same district; if all these 3 data elements are identical, the user is warned that the student already exists in that District and no duplicate is created.

The DDE Rostering Process determines if a student has to be created based on the Local ID provided by the District, and it is in the last step, when new students are created with a Student BUP file, when a duplicate student could be created.

 Possible Reasons


  • When templates are produced by different people in the same district using different conditions, i.e., with or without Student Internal ID

  • When the student is created first with a non-official name (Jimmy Jones) and then with the official name (James Jones)

  • When the student is created first with the incorrect DOB and then with the correct one

  • When the student is created manually without Local ID and incorrect name or DOB, and then created with the correct info

  • When the student is created manually when the student already exists in the district but in a different class or school, or before the student information becomes available to the District’s SIS (Student Information System) that feeds data for their Single Roster or DDE files

  • When the district makes a correction on the student Local ID and on the name or DOB

  • When two different collaboration agencies create the same student with different names or DOB. In some cases, one agency will include the middle name to the first name field or suffixes (Jr; III; etc.) to the last name field



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