How Do I Create a Teacher Account in CLI Engage?

This article will assist in creating accounts for teachers in your school, center, program, or community/district.



School must be active in CLI Engage
Must have user’s required information (name, school, and email address)
Ensure user doesn’t already have an account - using the email analyzer under User Management


Automated Rostering (AR) districts can manually create teacher accounts BUT they must reflect exactly how it is created on AR files, so that the account remains active in CLI Engage when the AR files are processed.


  1. From the Dashboard, locate Administrative Tools and click on Class & Student Management.

  2. From the left side bar, click on User Management.

  3. Select the Teacher tile

  4. There are two options to create a teacher to CLI Engage.

    1. Create accounts individually using “Add Teacher” option

      1. Choose ‘Add Teacher’

      2. Input all required fields:

        1. Community Name

        2. School Name

        3. Teacher’s First Name and Last Name

        4. Teacher’s Email Address

        5. Input in Comments: Ticket #, if applicable, your initials, and date created

        6. Choose ‘Submit & Invite

    2. Create accounts using the “QR for Teacher Accounts” option

Create Teacher Accounts.mp4

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