How do I Create and Post Discussions in Facilitated Courses?

This guide will provide procedures for creating and posting discussion prompts in facilitated courses.


You must be logged into CLI Engage
You must first create a group for each facilitated course in order to post discussions to the group.


These instructions assume that you have already accessed the CLI Engage dashboard and have selected the facilitated course that you need to post the discussion to.

  1. Locate and click on the Discussions icon on the course page.

  2. Click on Add discussion topic underneath the group name.

  3. The discussion forum is used to initiate and encourage reflective practice and promote discussion among and between other learners and the facilitator. 

    Provide a subject line that will help the learner identify what course, which session, discussion topic # (if there are several for this session) and date due. Type your posting in the message block.

  4. You can also attach documents to the discussion posting. Once you have completed your posting, click Post to forum

  5. All learners and the facilitator in this group will be automatically subscribed to all forum postings.

  6. Once you have posted your discussion prompt, you will see a message that says Your post was successfully added. You have 30 mins to edit it if you want to make any changes. You will be notified of new posts in 'Test' in the forum 'Discussions'.

  7. You can edit, delete, or reply to the posting by clicking the link to the post.

  8. In the the drop down, you can select to review replies in threaded form, oldest to newest or in nested form where the topic questions displays with all of the replies related to that particular posting.

  9. If you click the breadcrumb to go back to the course, the News forum can be used to disseminate general information or announcements to the group enrolled in your course.  Click on News forum.

  10. Click on Add discussion topic.

  11. Complete the required information (subject and message) and click Post to forum.