How do I Film a Walk-Through Video in Infant & Toddler Classrooms

A walk-through video is filmed by a teacher and shows the physical space of classrooms and the materials available to children within those classrooms.  These videos provide information to help remote coaches/specialists or administrators complete the CIRCLE Infant & Toddler CEC and give individualized feedback regarding how the learning environment.


Before Filming:

  • Review the CIRCLE Infant & Toddler CEC to know what items to focus on in your video. 

  • Film the walk-through video while children are NOT in the classroom. 

  • A teacher does NOT need to have each item on the CIRCLE Infant & Toddler CEC in place before filming the video. Coaches/specialists/administrators may work with teachers throughout the school year to implement each of these items. 

  • Create a practice clip of your environment and watch it. Make sure your filming is clear and you are not moving too quickly. 

During Filming:

  • Keep the camera steady and move slowly.

  • Don’t change the camera orientation from vertical to horizontal during filming. 

  • Record a 360-degree view of your classroom.

    • Walk around the classroom and turn slowly around in each area of the room, showing everything that is there.

    • Scan the classroom walls to show what each of them looks like. 

    • If your classroom is divided into small group areas or centers, please show us around each area of the room and the shelves and toys/materials it contains. You do not need to pick up and show us items. 

    • Narrate your video as you show each area and the items as if you are giving a tour of your classroom. Say what the item or area is and how you use it. Move slowly enough, so the viewer can see what you are filming. 

    • Show and tell about any charts or photos in your classroom (e.g., daily schedule, helper chart, rules chart, attendance chart, family photos).

    • Show and tell about children’s artwork displayed (in the classroom and in the hallway).

    • Show and tell about the variety of books on bookshelves or accessible to children.

  • Film any outdoor play space that the children in your class use. For example, maybe you use a playground or a fenced yard. If there are toys or equipment that you normally bring outside with you or take out of a storage shed, describe this in the video.

After Filming:

  • Upload your video per coach/specialist or administrator instructions. 

  • Upload or send a copy of the weekly lesson plan that corresponds to when you filmed the video. 

  • Upload or send a copy of your daily schedule.

  • If instructed to upload your video and documents to CLI Engage, use the How Teachers Can Upload a Video Using Collaborative Tools for step-by-step directions.  

  • Complete a Classroom Environment Checklist (CEC) in your own classroom as a way to assess and reflect on your own classroom environment. Which classroom areas and learning materials are high quality? Which classroom areas and learning materials could be improved to raise the quality? And which CIRCLE Infant & Toddler CEC items do you want to prioritize? 

If you need further assistance, please submit a help ticket.