How do I Search for My Schools in CLI Engage?

Use this article to search for your campuses in CLI Engage. Activating schools is the first step in uploading data to CLI Engage.


You must be logged into CLI Engage
You must have administrative access
Your account must be assigned to the Community or District
In the Administrative Tools section of CLI Engage, you must see Class & Student Management. If you do not see this option, then submit a help ticket


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  1. Locate the Administrative Tools banner on your CLI Engage Dashboard.

  2. Click on Class & Student Management.

  3. From the table on the left, click on the School Management tab.

  4. Enter your Community/District.

  5. Click Search.

  6. A list of schools active on CLI Engage under your community/district will appear.

  7. Please confirm that all of your schools are listed. (If your schools are not listed, you may only see a “Demo” school.)

a. If your school(s) are not listed, please submit a help ticket from your CLI Engage dashboard and provide a list of the schools including the name, address, and school number issued by TEA or Texas DFPS. A member of our support team will activate the schools in Engage.


If you need further assistance, please submit a help ticket.