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  • How Do I Enroll Learners in Facilitated Courses?

    Enrolling learner members in your facilitated course.





    1. On the CLI Engage Dashboard, locate the purple banner Online Learning and Professional Development. Then click on My Enrolled Courses.

    2. Click on Facilitating

    3. Click on the program you will be Facilitating and click on the small purple arrow to the left of the program. You will then see all of the courses you have been given access to facilitate.

    4. Locate the intended course and click on the small purple arrow to the left of the course.

    5. Underneath the title of the course you will see Overview, In Progress Learners, and Completed.

    6. Click on In Progress Learners (these are the people who you will enroll in your class). Then click on Add a group.

    7. You will be prompted to enter a name for the group, for example ‘Tuesday Special Needs at ABC Center’. Click on Save Changes.

    8. On the next screen, locate the name of the new group.   In this example, the group is named practice_MED2. Click on the Action button on the right.  From the drop down menu, select ‘Invite learners’.

    9. To invite new learners to the group, fill in the email address for learner. After an email is entered, click on the invitation dialogue box screen to enter a new email.

    10. Invalid emails will not be accepted. You can hit the ‘x’ next to the name and reenter.  There is no limit to the number of emails that can be entered at one time.

    11. In the Message area, information for the user may be included, such as ‘Please enroll in the Special Needs course.’ Then click Send. NOTE: You need to have a current, working email address for all learners you intend to enroll.

    12. The email recipients will receive an invite and must “click to enroll” in order to complete the enrollment process into your course.

    13. After the learners respond to the email invitation, you will see a list of enrolled learners under the group name.

    14. To unenroll a user, click on the Action menu and select ‘Unenroll’.

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