How Do I Transfer a Student within a Community or District?

Complete the following steps to move a student from one school to another within the same community or school district in CLI Engage



You need an account with administrative rights
Student account must exist in CLI Engage
You must know student’s first or last name, Local ID, or TSDS ID
You must know the student’s current school and class (transferring from this class)
You must know the student’s new school and class (transferring to this class)


  1. Log in to

  2. From the dashboard, click on the “Class and Student Management button” under the teal ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS banner

  3. Click on Class Management; Enter community, school and class the student is to be moved TO and click Search

  4. Click the Assign Student button

  5. Search for the student from the Unassigned Students list on the left

  6. Find the student in the list that will appear and click the box by the student’s name

  7. Click the box next to the student’s name

  8. Click the brown arrow to move the student over into the NEW class

  9. Click the Edit button next to the student’s name to open the student’s profile

  10. Uncheck the box of the class that the student is being removed FROM

  11. Click Submit at the bottom to save the changes

If a student is transferring to a different community or ISD, please submit a Help Ticket or call into Office Hours Live Chat Support - the calendar and links are here: