How can I change my Districts over to ClassLink and Clever Single Sign On (SSO)?

This article will layout the steps to take to setup ClassLink and Clever SSO.


You must have a CLI Engage account
You must be an administrator for the community/district
At least one person must have the role of an internal Service Administrator for ClassLink or Clever
In the Administrative Tools section of CLI Engage, you must see Class & Student Management. If you do not see this option, then open a help ticket.

Organizations using ClassLink and Clever as authentication providers have an internal Service Administrator, that is known as the ClassLink Administrator or Clever Administrator. This person controls the users and applications within their organization on that authentication provider.

The following diagram shows the process to change the authentication method for a District:


  1. The Service Administrator has to enable the application and define the type of users that would be able to use it through that portal or dashboard. This step authorizes their system to send user credentials to CLI Engage when logging in using that method.

  2. The District will select at least an administrator and a teacher for testing login with the new authentication provider.

  3. CSA from CLI will transform the tester accounts to the new authentication provider and send a new invitation to register again. Login problems will be resolved with the assistance of the Service Administrator.

  4. The testers will complete the registration steps.

  5. The testers will complete their testing by navigating through the Assessment, Online Courses, and Administrative pages.

  6. The District will announce to their users the login method change.

  7. The District will announce the Go-Live date to all their users.

  8. CSA will make the Authentication Method change at the Community page
    a. The CSA will compile a list of Users and will provide it to the Database Analyst to transform all the user accounts. This list needs to be created using the Export tool in Engage
    b. The Database Analyst will run the script to trigger new invitations for every user, active and inactive ones. This step will ensure that the District will not keep any user registered with the old type of credentials.

  9. The CSA will inform the District Administrators that the transformation process has been completed.